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I have a plant that seems to grow anywhere it wants - brickwalls, concrete, middle of my flower beds! I've attached a picture hopefully someone will be able to recognise it and give me tips on how to remove it. I'm not 100% convinced it is knotweed as the leaves aren't the "normal" heartshaped leaf but it has a hollow stem just like bamboo with red/purple and green leaves. It appeared in my boarders 2 years ago and I remove one and another sprouts up! It is vigirous and grows tall.


Can anyone help? Thank


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    it isn't Knotweed so don't worry.   I would say it's Leycesteria Formosa, also known as Pheasant Berry.  It's actually a very nice bush if you want one.  They often seed around from other gardens as the berries are dropped by birds and they sprout as seedlings and get left to grow.   As a bush it could get to 6 feet by perhaps 5 foot across with white flowers in panicles in summer followed by dark berries in autumn which the birds love to eat - Blackbirds especially.

    If you don't want them just hoe out or pull up but if your garden is big enough, it's a fine leafy shrub.

  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 949

    I agree with Salino's id. There must be a mature bush locally that the birds feed on and then deposit the seeds in your garden. It is a lovely bush - google it and take a look.

  • Ooo, thanks for that tip and to Willingtolearn for posting this. I'm creating a wildlife garden on a fairly blank canvas but hadn't seen this one.
  • Thank you so much for your responses. I googled Pheasant Berry and can recognise it from my neighbours garden! Think I will leave to grow and see how things "mature"!

    Thanks again

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