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Swiss Chard

Morning fellow planters. I normally  sow the seeds straight into the ground.

I have read in the magazine about sowing first in seed trays or root trainers.The root trainers are in use already and i was wondering how many seeds to a cell.

Has anyone else tried this? Your advice would be very useful.



  • Morning, Jad.....I've done this and it does work. Sow one seed per cell, which will produce 3-5 seedlings (much like beetroot) then thin out to one seedling per cell.

    Good luck.

  • jad1jad1 Posts: 130

    Thank you. Nice bright sunny day in North Cornwall. I will visit the greenhouse and get planting.


  • I have never had any trouble transplanting chard. They tend to sit for a week doing nothing, then their off an there's no stopping them!

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