Hazel hedging

After getting the right side of my property sorted out, I need to turn my thoughts to the left side. At present there is no fence at all, again its not my property, but the neighbours are quite good to be honest but they prefer to spend their cash on planting things in their loft if you get what I mean image


There was a hedge of conifers which I took down as they were bringing down low flying aircraft.

I am now thinking of planting Hazel there, this way I get some privacy in my garden and get free nuts too. Would hazel be ok with other plants as I have Photinia red Robin about 18" apart and its taking too long to grow. I was thinking the hazel would act as a windbreak and help the Red Robin to grow.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,406

    What height are you going for with the hedge Duncan?

    Hazel is quite big if you let it go (but not by leylandii standards) 

    If you cut it back it's a bit mean with the nuts. But a much nicer plant than those red robins.

    Have you got room to do a native hedgerow with a couple of hazels allowed to grow to nutting height?

    What's the squirrel population like in your area? I have lots of hazel but rarely get a nut for me. 

  • The hedge would be about 12-15ft long and ideally 6ft high. We used to have a squirrel visit all the while but haven't seen it for years, think our cats told him to clear off. I only thought of using hazel as I didn't fancy having laurel as it's a bit boring.
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    Laurel is almost as boring as leylandii.


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    If you want your squirrel back go for a native hedge/wildlife hedge, and cats are no match for squirrels, they lose hands down every time in my experience and I have a vets bill to prove it!

    A good wildlife hedge will bring unforseen benefits. I just wish my idiot neighbour had the same attitude to yours do.

  • I've seen this on eBay


    Not sure if that link works, I'm using my phone so not great with posting links. I just don't want it going too high too fast
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    I couldn't get that link so don't know what it is Duncan. This is the sort of thing I would have


    I can recommend this company as well. (Just as a customer not a company member)

  • That's pretty similar to the bad link I posted. Hawthorn based with blackthorn, crab apple, dogwood, hazel, green beech and dog rose. Enough for a 5m hedge all in for ??19.99

    If you think that would be better than just hazel I'll go for that
  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,406

    I do think it's better, hawthorn especially can be clipped to a good thick hedge in a way that hazel can't.That's more a row of trees or coppice at various stages, but it mixes in well and all clips up together and birds love it

  • Nutcutlet, many thanks for that, I'll add it to my eBay order list

    I'm having a nightmare spelling your name on my phone, predictive text is not very flattering for you
  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,406

    Duncan, everyone else has shortened it to Nut 

    It seems appropriateimage

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