Compacted Soil

I have been doing some hardcore gardening today, clearing back some overgrown shrubs/trees, etc and when I have tried to dig over the soil which was under these bushes, it is very hard and compacted and riddled with roots,etc.  What is the easiest way of digging through this? I tried with a fork, but it was nigh on impossible and I nearly snapped it!!!  Is there an easier way, or do I have to carry on the way I have been?


  • i have broken pick axes on my stony clay soil...unless you get down with a super strong hand trowel and fork you will get no only solution was to lay cardboard down..and make a temporary raised bed,fill with manure and anuuals and the odd shurb and after a year the worms did what only a digger could and i can now get a spades depth down...

  • Thank you Rosie. I had already thought of just putting  some more top soil down, but then thought I might just be adding to the problem.  Will get back out there this afternoon for some more backbreaking work! 

  • keep adding layers of compost or enough to plant what you need and then next year the worms will have dont the work for saved me so much work as only getting a digger i would have fixed my problem!!it really works, you retain the goodness of the clay but it becomes much more friable good luck with it!!

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