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I was coming back from taking the dog for a walk when I saw one of my neighbours digging in her front garden. Next to her was a bucket containing a large number of hellebores.hello says I those are lovely. I'm just taking them out says she to give to my sister,would you like some?so I came away with two beautiful colours. And when I sorted them out I found little seedlings in the soil around them so my two turned into ten!! I love it when something like that happens it made my day! Thought I'd share with people who might care as hubby just looked at me blankly he can't understand why I was so excited!! Off to watch gardeners world now. On my own with above dog and a glass of wine!!


  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,193

    Just goes to show how generous gardeners are, doesn't it?

    Many years ago, a friend and I were out for a walk, when we came across a pile of perlargoniums at the front of someone's drive with a "please help yourself" note.  I had never grown them before, so I took a couple home, overwintered them, and I still have some cuttings of cuttings of cuttings etc etc from those original plants.  And it pleases me every time I look at them.

    Oh, and I am very jealous of those hellebores, which I love, and which are on sale at the GC for silly prices atm.

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