sweet pea supports

does anyone know where to get rustic supports for sweet peas-looking ahead i know- used bamboo canes last year but would like my garden to look like monty's..hahaha..well a tiny corner of it, but i obviously don't have large trees, do garden centres sell them before i make a special trip with my 2  little ones (every trip a military operation)


  • We are lucky enough to have a few gc near us and depending how rustic you want they all sell rustic looking sticks and wigwams for sweetpeas/beans etc.  

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    For traditional hazel you could try here http://www.wassledine.co.uk/hazel.html but as they say, P&P could be expensive.

    Or search for Willow pea sticks on Amazon, not as 'rustic' as hazel twigs, but not bamboo at least.

    Or you could try googling woodland management companies who may be coppicing hazel stands - but again, unless you're local to where they're working and can pick stuff up the transport will be expensive. 


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    Our GC sells hazel poles, sharpened at one end, as bean poles - in with the veg stuff - not expensive if i remember rightly. Why not give them a ring to save a wasted outing - i remember those days when it took longer to get in and out of the car than you spent at your destination
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    thanks chicky i did phone local gc and they were a bit useless, suggested a 4ft wigwam...! you're so right, getting in and out of car seats, pramsuits,coats..i don't go very far!!

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