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    No, don't worry hollieimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • envelopes without names on them - I've got quite a few of those as well

    and for the collectoholic seedaholics who could resist these?


    I've just found the seeds of this wonderful pod and wonder how on earth to sow them?  It's an oleander (Nerium) captured on the day it burst open in my vertical garden in the Languedoc.

  • That sounds very complicated Edd....sounds as though I may be heading into "experienced" territory in my old age.

    Thank you for your advice though - I'm raking moss out of what I laughingly call the lawn so no problem there.  I guess I must make more space on the windowsill.

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    I tipped out my large hessian bag of seed packets, it lives hanging on a hook in the back porch and is disguised under muddy raincoats and such like, so doesn't look too obvious. The resulting packets covered several feet of work surface, were lovingly examined, dreamed about,  and replaced in the bag, bar 2 that I might sow soon.  However, I realise that there are also other places where there are seeds - on the dresser where I have little brown envelopes of seeds I've collected in the garden, someone elses garden, or somewhere un-named!! There are also a few packets next to the bread maker - and some open ones in a certain jacket pocket.  Yes folks, I too am a seedaholic ……….

  • Oh, dearie me! Welcome to all of the new members of this thread. You really all are beyond help, aren't weimage

    I'm way behind in my sowing, compared to you all. This is due to a bit of a standard fuchsia obsession! However, conservatory now, cleared out, prop brought in, and windowsills all cleared, so off I go. Did do onions and leeks back in Jan, growing away well and moved to coldframe. 

    So, off to catch up now. The garage has lots of module trays filled and ready, just have to decide what to sow first! Sweet peas first, I think.

     As mentioned above,I am collecting seeds for the flooded gardens. Please PM me or Rosie31 for my address. (Thanks for the official sounding title, Rosie!)image I'm sure some of you can part with a few for the price of a stamp. I will box them all up then send by courier to a central centre. I will also be sending young plants and divisions of my own, once we know where to send them.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please go to the 'Help for Flooded Gardens' thread for more info, and to see where we are up to with this. It was a lovely idea of artjak's, and Rosie is working very hard to turn offers of help into a reality.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Great idea, will have aloof and see what ones would be of any use - but many may be out of date, are these still welcome?

  • Send anything you have, please, Bookertoo. I will sort them all out. Many seeds are still viable a good couple of years out of date, but germination rates may be less. Parsnips are notorious for needing to be fresh, though.

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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Oh, Dear, Hollie. Welcome. You definateley suffer from this affliction if you couldn't remember that you had them! No bother, we are here to helpimage

    If you can bear to part with any, please see the 'Help for flooded gardens' thread.

  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    Hello to all seedaholics anonymous (and not-so-anonymous).  Certainly the flooded gardens appeal would be very grateful to be part of your therapy!  Gardenjeannie is bravely acting as our Chief Seed Collector image so please send her anything you can spare - old seed, new seed, half packets, seed from your own gardens...anything!  We are linking with some people local to the flooding in Somerset who will be sowing and growing to provide plants to help re-stock flooded gardens, and (in the shorter term) plant up some tubs and troughs to give a bit of welcome colour while the poisoned soil recovers. 

    If you PM me or gardenjeannie we can give you her address for donations - thank you!


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