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Prepare to seed a lawn

Recently moved and the front garden is covered in a weed suppressant material and with about a 4 inch depth of 1/2 inch diameter pebbles. The soil beneath is quite solid, I have removed the material and about half of the pebbles, should I remove the rest of the pebbles before I turn it over or turn the pebbles in to improve drainage.  I intend to cover with top soil and seed it.


  • With deep enough top soil the size of pebble mentioned should be fine to leave in situ and should help with drainage. I would suggest turf over seed as I find seed takes an age to grow thick and green looking. If you have kids/use the lawn area then 100% use turf, if lightly used then seed will work with time.

  • Thanks - I did not want to remove the pebbles as there must be about 1/2 tonne in total, I was not sure if they would assist drainage because of there smooth surface.

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