More Plant I-D's please.

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I've got a few more plants for identification, any help much appreciated. I really enjoyed finding out so much yesterday and look forward to any responses. Also a lot of these plants look scraggly or unwell so any tips on any particular plants would be great also. Thank you!
















  • 6 primula of some sort should flower soon, not sure about the others

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    The sticky bit on 1. Cotoneaster, don't know which one

    2. escallonia

    3 honeysuckle ?

    4 hypericum, don't know which

    5 Abelia

    6 one of the primulas

    7 could be a japanese anemone, ther are other things that look like that but that's the most likely

    8 ?

    9 i ivy

    10 woodruff

    11 looks like an aloe of some sort

    12 yucca

  • Number 7 I think looks like a bush ( like a fake red currant) with strands if pink flowers can't for the life of me remember it's name ..... All the others I agree....

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    Thank you little ann, Nutcutlet and Stacey, that's great stuff. Can start to look them all up now. Glad to know what that Abelia is, it flowered so nicely but it's growth is so patchy I need to get it to fill out.

    I thought that was a Yukka, just didn't know whether there were different types. That was half dead on the ground when I moved in, some one had taken the pot it was in and left it. I took off all the dead leaves and now a big flower is coming from the center.

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    re 7. I didn't think the leaves belonged to the sticky bits. If they do it's not japanese anemone

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    Would agree with nut on everything there Jack, though I wouldn't have known Abelia and woodrfuff. 8 looks rhododendron- ish but to be honest, there's so little of it, it's hard to tell - it could be lots of things. It may have been planted and just hasn't had the right conditions or enough room to establish correctly or it could be something that's seeded itself in there. Many of the plants do seem quite congested so you may need to do a bit of clearing to get the best from the ones you want to keep.

    Did you mean the flowering currant Stacey - ribes - that flowers in spring?

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    Hi Nutcutlet, no the sticky bits are in the background, sorry bad picture, the leaves are just on a stem, it's a young plant in a pot.

    Hi Fairygirl Thanks, I will have to see how certain plants do with space cleared around them. At the moment I'm trying to go in there and cut anything out that looks deadish, then see what happens.

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    And behind that Yucca you've got winter flowering jasmine image

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb 
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    Oh, Dove, The hedge? 

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    As it seemed fine yesterday to keep adding pics I'll carry on here.



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  • Not convinced 5 is an Abelia, I know there are a few species but have my doubts...


    Primula looks as though it needs dividing. Good job to do in spring after flowering.


    7 yes agree Japanese as anemone if no sticks. Flowering currants have smaller leaves.

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    19) Two plants in this one. The last picture for today.


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    Thank you Bluebell, I'll have to maybe get another picture of No 5.

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    When I google imaged Abelia, it looks a lot like what this plant looked like at the end of last year though.

    At it's highest it's branches reach to about 9 or 10 foot high.

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    I think Blubell is right, that's not an abelia.

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