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How to plant the watermelon?

its spring in our there now, im going to plant some watermelon, any body has suggestioins?


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Germinate your seeds then get a large pot. Around the pot place 5 bamboo sticks and tie together. When the watermelon starts to grow you tie the plants around the bamboo. I would only add 2 plants in even a large 40L pot. Use a paintbrush to germinate the flowers. When you see a watermelon emerge (where the flower is) then leave it to grow till it is the size of a tennis ball. If you have many then you need to remove them, leaving only 2-3 on the plant at most. use a pair of tights or the like to support the growing fruit. You will need to water, water, water and water all the way through. You may need to ripen the fruit inside a greenhouse.

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