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Blippar for Tablets and Phones

The current magazine is promoting Blippar for phones and tablets. What about those of us that prefer laptops or do not have the other means of access. Are we getting less for our subscription money or did I miss it in the magazine?



  • According to Google, Blippar is ".... a Mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform enabling advertisers to reach consumers via outdoor ads, billboards, magazine, newspaper and ..."  

    Those of us using laptops seem quite able to access (or be accessed by) advertisements when accessing the magazine, so things seem fair to me image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • I think trillium is probably right. By scanning the Blippar symbol, extra info appears linked to content on that page. Eg on a wildlife page, Blippar opened a birdsong section. I haven't used it much, but noticed a few letters praising it in the latest magazine.

  • 4thPanda4thPanda Posts: 4,145

    I think that is a question for the GW magazine editor, although they probably see it as something that will enhance the mag. and not take anything away from those without the tech required to use them. 

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    I had to get a chicklet to make it work for me ...image

    But when i did it was good - just takes even longer for me to read the mag ....

  • Blippar is a free app you can download on your phone or tablet. Once you open the app, you have to point the camera of your phone to the blippable pages and you will get exclusive content. It works on both the paper magazine and the online version, all you need to do is download it and try it!

  • I have used Blippar on my smartphone but I wasn't terribly impressed with the extra content. I wouldn't worry too much if you can't access it. I also found that it was hit and miss as to whether it worked or not and I doubt that I will take the trouble in future.

  • Hi everyone, Blippar is a relatively new feature within the printed copies of the magazine, allowing those with mobile devices (such as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy) to access additional content for free. We launched it with the January issue, to extend our garden bird content with birdsong and video that accompanied the printed articles – and to date well over 20,000 readers have accessed that content.

    We've continued it in the February and March issues, with the latest edition containing video clips of Gardeners' World programmes including Monty's tour of Longmeadow (as the show is back on air in a few weeks). You'll also find extra photos and direct links to online content that we think readers will find interesting, whether on or other websites. Similar content is also available in digital editions available from the AppStore.

    So Trillium, be assured that we're not reducing what goes into the magazine at all - but if you can access the app, it's a bit of fun and gives you a little more content for free. 

    Lancashire Lass, do message me directly with a bit more about your experiences if you can, as it's still early days for us with this (and interactive content generally), and we really do welcome everyone's ideas and observations.

    Thanks, Lucy

    GW Magazine Editor

  • I managed to access the Gardners World site via Blippar in the February issue but wasn't able to access anything in the March issue which was a pity as I wanted to see the tour of Longmeasow. Do you scan the whole page or just a part of it?

  • Hi AllFingers... you can either scan the two pages together as a single image, with the magazine laid fully open (filling your screen with the image), OR... just scan the right-hand page (p39) if you find the first route doesn't work.

    If you still have no joy, close the app down then relaunch it and try again as occasionally there's a glitch if you've tried scanning the same image several times. Finally, try updating the app - if you're using an iPad/iPhone, there was an AppStore update last week, which might resolve any glitches. Having said that, it worked OK for me using the older version. 

    Hope one of these works for you - let me know!

  • Thank you! I will give it another try.

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