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which dwarf magnolia

Hi, I bought a dwarf magnolia 3 years ago from a shopp channel and it didnt flower until last summer. It is deciduous and grows large leaves and the bloom came after the leaves (which I've never heard of). Medium sized white star shaped, no scent which only lasted 3/4 days before turning brown and falling off.

 Unfortunately I didn't keep the invoice when I purchased it, I did contact them before it had flowered and they said there are several varieties that take a couple of years to bloom and to wait.  When I originally saw it on the TV it looked like the 'sunrise' variety. It looks completely diff to what I thought I had bought! 

I cannot find any magnolia that grows the leaves before any blooms appear.

Many thanks for any help/advice



  • Quite a few magnolia species don't flower until May or June, for example Magnolia sieboldii, M. tripetala and M. wilsonii. They will often be in leaf by this time. 'Sunrise' is apparently an April/May flowerer. Best advice would be to wait and see how it develops this year.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 32,385

    Magnolia stellata perhaps?

  • thank you Hostafan1, I do know its definitely not stellata but I appreciate your help.

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