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How often should Growmore Granules be used as general purpose fertilizer?  I often hear its use advised on gardening programmes, but no-one ever says how often!  Your opinions would be appreciated.    Thanks, Mags


  • Hi, Mags....*Growmore is a general balanced fertilizer and is intended to address all three nutriment requirements of the soil. It has a NPK rating of 7-7-7, translated means 7 equal parts of Nitrogen (leaf growth) phosphates (root growth) and potash (fruit & flowers) application is usually in soil preparation for a new planting/sowing.  

    *Growmore (then known as National Growmore) was introduced by the government during WW2 as part of the nation's 'Dig for Victory' campaign.  

    I do use it sometimes, but prefer it in the liquid form these days.

  • thanks david.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It might seem a pity to use a product made in a factory rather than something nicely rotted on a compost heap?  Of course, not everyone has the space to do that.   We use pelleted organic chicken manure in April, sprinkled all over everywhere and in anything,  and then liquid seaweed based fertiliser for anything else that needs a boost in the year. 

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