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I've been doing lots of research on scented flowers recently, as I'd like to plant more in my garden. I already have lots of fragrant, winter-flowering plants – viburnum, winter honeysuckle, sarcococca etc – but want more scented spring and summer blooms. Anyone got any favourites to suggest?



  • I can tell you what I just put in, but I don't know how successful they will be.  

    Viburnum Farrerri nanum

    Viburnum burkwoodii Anne Russell  

    Viburrnum carlcephalum snowball  

    Philadelphus mock orange belle Etoile

    Osmanthus delavayi  

    Buddleia Davidii Black Knight

    Rosa Wild Edric

    Rosa Harlow Carr  


  • Bear2Bear2 Posts: 4

    My favourite for scent are Geraniums - unfortunately I could not tell you if any are stronger than others - I usually plant a selection together to get the colour as well.   

  • My fave rave at the moment is Daphne bholua 'Jaqueline Postill', beloved by Roy Davison. It's a slow growing semi-evergreen that will get to 6ft. They are devilishly expensive (£30-60) but will reward you for weeks with their waxy very fragrant flowers. They do like a little shelter, but this helps the fragrance to linger. May I also add V.carlessii to the above list. Deciduous to about 4ft, huge pompons of lily-scented white, flushed pink flowers, now. Both are well worth a go for this time of the year. Underplant with Eranthis corms and you'll think you've gone to heaven!image

    You'll go a long way to beat the fragrance of Lilies for the summer. I always sprinkle some 'Night-scented stocks' around seating areas that we sit in in the evening. They look very un-promising, but pack quite an aromatic punch.

  • David, if you want  climber try trachelospermum jasminoides and for something in a pot, tuberose.

    Both delicious.

    BTW, any advice on dahlias, I've recently become rather passionate about them.  Growing some from seed, self saved and bought.  Plus I've several bishop types and cactus tubers that I've had for two years, new pom poms this year.

    What varieties would you recommend?   I grow them all in pots.


  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    Lavender,Heliotrope (not hardy) and herbs with lovely foliage - Lemon Verbena,Pineapple and Tangerine Sage,African Blue Basil, Oregano  to name but  a few .

    Pam x

  • You didn't say what sort of plants you wanted. In my opinion you can't beat hyacinths or lilies for fragrance. But maybe you don't fancy bulbs. Pinks are great but from one extreme to another how about 'Magnolia grandiflora' The scent from the flowers is fantastic. Flowers are 10-12 inches across and bloom from June to October. Well mine does . See my photo by my name, bees love it.

  • Nice to hear you on Radio 2 today David!

  • Wallflowers. Some scented flowers make me wheeze (e.g. the hyacinth family, and viburnum) but I love the scent of wallflowers. Mine have been in bloom since January, and the bees love them too.  Oh, and I'm looking forward to the clove-scented pinks (dianthus) later in the spring.

  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    Nicotianas are good, I also love the scent of wallflowers.

  • I am growing Siberian Wallflowers from seed - I sowed them late autumn and they are now starting to flower in a lovely orange colour.  The scent is absolutely delicious!  They are easy to grow too.  I am also growing Nicotiana as they are also known for their lovely scent.

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