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I have front off street parking at the front of the house. At the side is a strip of earth about one and a half feet wide, next to the side fence.

Things grow there, bulbs and I planted a bush which seems to have taken last year. I pulled out a michelmas daisy plant which I did not like and saw a small stump looking like it was from an old plant, maybe a small tree. It is about five inches wide and I don't know how deep it goes.

I want to take it out as I think it would get in the way of any new plant I put there and it is taking up a lot of precious space. It is strong, I don't know why, maybe the stem has roots just like the tree did and I can't get it out, and the earth is not easy to dig deep enough and round it for me to get it out. 

Can any experts advise what to do or should I just leave it there?




  • Could you maybe plant another shrub next to it, that will cover it in time, the saving you the hassle of removing it?

    Just a thought....

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    What is the parking area covered with? Any roots from this little tree may have traveled a long distance; if you try to rip it up, you could find that a paved parking area is disturbed.

    Is there any sign of new growth on it? If not, I would cut it down to ground level and ignore it, it's roots are probably rotting away and providing nutrients to the soil.

    If it is sprouting with new leaves, then go to the local Garden Centre (or B&Q type place) and ask for a product that will deal with it.image


  • Rich77Rich77 Posts: 11

    I did not see any new shoots at all. Is the thing actually still alive and if there are no new shoots will it eventually wither away? 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,754

    If it's not made any new shoots in the past year then it's dead - it will eventually rot away. 

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb 
  • You could always go a little wild with a very long drill bit, drill as much of the stump as you can, it will help it rot away a lot quicker.

  • I'm all for digging stumps and as much root as you can get out as the remains can encourage fungal growth, not all of it good. 

  • I would drill as many holes in the trunk and use a root out chemical to rot it down but you must use before the sap starts rising.


  • I never dig stumps out and I have never had any problems- but then I am a no digger!

    I have recently been reading about hugelkultur where people actually bury logs or create raised beds of wood covered by soil. It's quite fascinating and the rotting wood over the years creates wonderful 'organic' soil!


  • Rich77Rich77 Posts: 11

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I am none the wiser. Some say leave it, some say take it out!

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,353

    That's gardening for you - there are no correct answers - each to their own.  If you want to grow something there then have it out.  Leaving dead stumps in may encourage Honey fungus and as someone who has that in his garden I would hoik it out in very short order.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • If there is no life showing then I would attack

    it to let it know it's not welcome. It will rot away eventually

    but if you want to plant something else I guess

    You haven't got time to wait. Drilling holes is a

    Good idea or maybe an axe? If there is not much room to

    Plant then plant something young and let it

    Grow into the space. Roots will always find someway to

  • It's 5 inches across, not a baobab tree! I'm sure leaving it will be fine image

  • As`someone said, drill holes in it, enough to put some soil in, and plant ferns in there, or whatever you fancy. Stumperies are all the rage at the moment. Think of all the insects you are helping, they will eat and live in it, which will be food for beds, And so it goes on. We had to once take a stump out with a car beside one house. It will rot in time.

  • I have the same issue. I have 4 small stumps in flowerbeds along my front fence, we have tried various methods to remove them).  I love the idea of stumperies!

  • Janet 4Janet 4 Posts: 63

    My husband cut an Almond tree down that got honey fungus. He left the stump up to 3 foot high and screwed a bird table on it. They loved it with all our scraps and bird food on it when we had the snow 2013. Unfortunately I see the local cat has pulled that off. Still may remove that now to put in an apple tree, and Pheasant berry shrub that would fill the gap. The birds would benefit from them as well.

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