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biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,063

I cannot afford a greenhouse, so am thinking of buying a polytunnel. Put off by seeing covers go green and horrible after only 2yrs in peopl'es gardens. Can anyone tell me if any companies sell replacement covers?? All the ads give guarantees of up to 5 years on structure and up to 5 seasons for cover. Don't want to have to buy another complete tunnel.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,705

    We bought our tunnel from Northern Polytunnels and erected it last November. We're totally exposed here in North Devon,and even with all the gales, it's been fine. I now sleep through storms without being paranoid. Any decent manufacturer should be able to supply replacement skins for their tunnels I'd say. 

    A caveat regarding northern polytunnels, The tunnels are brilliant ,but the instructions are useless, but they have great staff who don't mind if you call them repeatedly regarding problems.


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Many of the more reputable (and thus probably more expensive but also decent quality) tunnel suppliers do sell replacement covers.  However, any decent tunnel should last more than 2 years - unless you live in a particularly windy place, or a stony one where getting a reasonably tight fit over the frame is a problem. 

    Some of them sell  'patches' which go over the joints of the frame where the metal might get hot and stretch the cover and weaken it, and so on,  the better the tunnel manufacturer the more likely you are to get useful bits and replacements where needed.

    Enjoy it, I'd love one, but have nowhere to put it - think the council might object if I put it on the pavement outside!!!!



  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,063

    I have made use of an old chicken run with new 4ft fencing to enclose my plastic coldframes to stop them being blown away. Am going to put polytunnel in here too. I agree about instructions - or lack of. Everything nowadays seems great until you get it home! Bring back the old days, when life was easy and you did not need to be technaphobe to read a manual!

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