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advice needed on herbs and vegies

Hi everyone,

was wondering if I could get some professional advice on a few things, I am working in Fiji in a private resort, we have 3 large hot houses ready to go, we have been unsuccessful in planting some root vegetable like beetroots, baby carrots outside the hot houses and was wondering why the stems and leaves are very healthy but no actual vegetable, the guys down at hydro suspect the soil is too hard and mentioned mixing in some sand? any help here would be appreciated we have a few different vegetable I have brought over from Australia, ps the climate here is very hot and humid for most of the year.


we are looking at planting a edible flower section in one of the hot houses, we have tried before but the ph and ec levels were out they think, (died very fast) does anyone have an idea on this, we have gor nasturtium, borage, hypsossip and more to come.

thanks to anyone that can help with these questions and I would be very appreciative.


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    Growing carrots in Fiji ! 
    You need to do some basic research.
    Carrots thrive in the cold, wet UK, so I doubt they going to do well in a tropical climate. You may need a coldhouse image
    You must take temperature into account and just as important is daylight.
    May crops respond to increasing/decreasing amounts of daylight as we get in the UK, it's very different in Fiji.
    If you add sand to break up soil, only use sharp sand/grit. If you use soft sand/builders sand you will make the soil much harder.

    I'm no expert on hydro, but would suggest a pH of 5.8-6.0 and starting ec of 0.3 when the 1st true leaves appear and gradually increase to ec 1.0. When they're in full swing gradually increase the ec to 1.8 to 2.0, but look out for 'burn' on the leaves when using high ec values.
    Don't forget you must check the ec value of the water BEFORE adding anything to it - if the WATER you are using has a high ec (my tap water is 0.9 - in Scotland it's around 0.05!) so I can't realistically use tap water for hydro because it's already too strong but I could in Scotland. Rainwater (ec 0.03) is great
    I've had variable success with hydro. growing toms and chilli's. Many get great results, but hydro requires too much effort and seems a bit too clinical for my liking.
    Good luck!

    Billericay - Essex

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  • Thanks for the info I should have stated that I am very new to farming and need as much info as possible, but I thank you for the info and will do some more study and keep updating this post as i go, cheers mate..
  • Having to dig deep into my memory of living in West Africa of what I used to grow but at this present moment I can't think of any flowers used in my restaurant but that of the courgette. Chillies grew well, and the squash.

    Look back after some searches of my diary.

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