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My 15 year old whitebeam tree has a tilt and this is getting worse. When we moved in 10 years ago it was already leaning slightly but was staked. I removed the stake a couple of years ago and after the winds recently it is now leaning at a more pronounced angle! It is also weighted to one side with the branches growing to one side which has made the lean worse. Any suggestions as to how to brace it, whether to brace it, take it out and plant something else etc? Suggestions gratefully received. 


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    Any photos?

    I saw an established cherry tree today, at a 45 degree angle. It just appears that the swampy ground it was planted in was too soft and it had keeled over. The roots are in the ground still, but I think the tree surgeon will chain saw it down.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    If this is a real 'on its own roots' Sorbus aria you can cut it right back to base (coppice it) and it will regrow. If it's a fancy grafted one you can still cut it back but you'll have whatever it's grafted onto regrowing rather than the fancy cultivar

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    We've noticed a 50ft scots pine has tilted more over the last few weeks.  On inspection, you can see a crack in the ground at the roots and the tree is swaying, and we've been told it could come down at any time.  Its being taken down tomorrow, to be safe.  

    I guess look at the ground at the base and see if there are any cracks or if the roots have lifted.  I'd get a tree surgeon in to check it out, wouldn't want it to fall on someone, and at the moment with the ground being so soft the tree surgeon said even without wind trees are falling over image  Good luck, its always sad to see a tree be taken down. 

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    I don't think they're ever stable again once the roots start moving and cracking the soil  are they

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    Thank you for your advice and thoughts. I have tried to insert links to a couple of pictures from Dropbox but you may not be able to access them. I feel an apple tree transplant coming on! 



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    That's a good lean and will blot out anything underneath

    I'd get an apple tree

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    I'm leaning towards an apple tree too. image Any suggestions for an apple to replace it? Open aspect...South west facing border. Happy for it to grow as big as the white beam. there is also a Victoria plum planted at the other end of the bed. Will be my first foray into apple growing. 

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