Pachira aquatica

Please help.

Neither me or my boyfriend are particularly green fingered but bought a lovely Pachira aquatica from Ikea 6 months ago in the hope it would be easy to look after. It was great for a while but started going downhill in the middle of winter I assumed it was too hot and dry with the heating so tried watering more regularly and moved it away from the heater. This didn't seem to help so when the weather picked up I moved it to the window for more light. Since i have done this, one trunk has started doing really well and is sprouting new shoots and leaves, however the 4 other trunks are brown, dry and look pretty dead at the ends although there is still a bit of green at the base. should we cut these trunks back down to where they look healthy?

I really hope someone can help, we have grown quite attatched to this tree!




  • We have the same problem! I assumed I had damaged the other trunks somehow when planting it in a bigger pot but all but one of the trunks has died. These older dead ones are definitely dead but as they are entwined with the living one and are supporting it I have left them. I read somewhere that you have to let the soil dry before soaking it- a good water less frequently can be better than a frequent sprinkle, if that makes sense. Have you tried feeding it with plant food? I use baby bio and it seems to perk up then.
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