Clarify the drought pls!

Can anyone clarify what i can use to water my plants in my garden? I've heard you can use drip irrigation but I don't know much about this. Can anyone help. Thanks.


  • burhinusburhinus Posts: 58

    You can water from cans. You really ought to be saving as much as you can into butts.  I have several around the garden off sheds and the greenhouse and will be tapping into the bungalow roof guttering next. Also let the cover on the picnic table form pockets which collect water then drain these off into buckets.

    Water saving tips also include regular hoeing in between plants so any dampness, dew etc get soak down to the roots and use plenty of mulch such as compost, old leaves or even gravel or bark chippings.

  • burhinusburhinus Posts: 58

    Drip irrigation is allowed. See Kitchen Garden page 6, News

  • km1977km1977 Posts: 3

    You can use dripline, a pressure regulator and a timer. I bought all three from They've also got up to date info on what you can and can't use and quite an informative website overall. Hope that helps!

  • also dont forget water from the house, if you use the condensed water from your tumble dryer..or if kids have a bath as a mild soap is generally used so shouldnt harm plants in the ground for a one off...i would use water from cooking even....any non chemical water would be fine and if you diluted it with collected rain water then all the better...but yes ive seen it on news sites that drip irrigation is not part of the it may be a good investment for future years

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