Wet Weather

I've got hundreds of baby veg and flower plants all ready to plant out but it hasnt stopped raining. Should i plant them out or wait for better weather? I've also got my potatoes ready to go into the ground but i think its to wet. What should i do?


  • Amy0824Amy0824 Posts: 21

    now to some wet weather area, people began to grow indoor use indoor plant growing light, 

    from my friend's feedback, it has good effect,

    maybe you will have a try..

  • NidgeNidge Posts: 9
    Hi Nicola, at least you hav' nt planted them out yet. I sowed some salad crops in my raised bed and also planted some early potatoes in bags during the lovely weather recently as was advised to do so on packets etc. Now as you say it has been raining so much that I am wondering if they will be water logged. If I was you I think I would now wait a day or two until it feels a little warmer out there and the soil has drained a wee bit.
  • thankyou i feel better now. i just cant wait to get started.

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