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Posted: 01/02/2014 at 03:20

I have a four year old rhododendron which is in a large pot in acid compost.  This year it has four flower buds on every terminal, which is a record for this plant, but unfortunately it is drooping it's leaves (not through lack of water I assure you) the leaves are not floppy but quite firm and mid green.  It has never had dark leaves,  I think it is Mrs Lewinsky.  Pink with a maroon splash in the centre. Can you tell me if this is likely to be an attack of vine weevil and if so what to do about it? 

Many thanks  (sorry to re-post this query, but I'm a novice Rhodo grower and need the advice)


  • You will get lots of helpful advice in this forum - and there are many possible reasons for your drooping leaves (even if it is actually anything wrong at all sometimes leaves do point down)

    Is there any chance your plant is getting too much water and the drainage of the pot is not too good?

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,571

    That is exactly what happened to my dwarf rhododendron in a pot. The drainage holes blocked up and the leaves went droopy and then fell off. Wished I hadn't put off dealing with it (it was heavy) because it died. The soil was quite smelly.

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  • e1lisee1lise Posts: 14

    Hope you don't mind me commenting.  Busy Lizzie is quite right the drainage hole could be blocked  have a feel at the compost and see if its soggy, if it is repot in fresh compost, you've nothing to lose because it will die if it's waterlogged. if the compost is ok stand the pot on a couple of bricks this will help it to drain, the other reason could be cold whilst  most Rhodis are hardy they do sulk and droop their leaves when it's very cold but they'll perk up as soon as they get a bit of sun.

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