Sweet Pea

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can I grow  my standard Sweet Pea on hanging baskets?


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    Sweet peas can grow fairly tall & need something to climb up.

    You can get Bijou types which look as if they are shorter & might be more suitable for baskets

  • alex03 wrote (see)

    can I grow  my standard Sweet Pea on hanging baskets?

    You can, but they'll look pretty silly...I've seen the results.

    Horses for courses, stick with hanging basket sweet peas.

  • Hi David,

    What has happened to your forum topic on Sweet Peasimage? I haven't been online for a while and all my followed threads have disappeared including your very informative one.

    The sweet peas I sowed in January are looking a bit thin and have only one or max two stems on them even though I've nipped them out. Is this to be expected David?

    I'm hoping to have sweet peas for the tables at my daughters wedding in August and the weather has been so cold I haven't been able to sow any seed direct as you suggested. Am I too late?

    The freebies I ordered through the gardeners world offer arrived the other day and are fairly leafy but were growing in about 1"square plugs which seemed contra to all sweet pea growing advice that suggests a long root run. I've potted most of them up now and put them in the greenhouse. Just off to the garden centre to buy some more potting compost to do the rest.

    Still Spring looks as though it's finally sprung so all in the garden could soon be rosy!!!



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