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Hi all,

Does anyone use any apps for planning there vegetable planting schedules?

Sureley there must be some handy kit out there that ppl know and use?

Preferably for android. 



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    It's all down to the weather and soil conditions in your garden - best 'app' I know is to watch what the experienced allotmenteers in your area are doing and follow them.

    I can't see how an app would  work - too many variables.   

    There is of course the What to do now section above, but that's only general suggestions - weather and soil conditions have to be taken into consideration, and there's no substitute for experience so if you haven't got much of your own you have to 'borrow' from others image

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  • Fair point. I am growing in container boxes so no access to alotmenteers sadly. Soil conditions I can control by what I put in to begin an monitoring ph. 

     Guess I was thinking more of an app that can show you at a glance what to plant and when based on geographical info and time of year. Im suprised something like this isnt around? 

    I have downloaded some apps but you have to select the veg in question and go into it to see planting andharvesting information. its a bit inefficient I supposee is my gripeimage


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 56,566

    Have a look here 

    Scroll down and you'll find info about a Veg growing chart - then all you have to do is get February's Gardeners World magazine image

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    I don't use apps, whatsapp, android, twitter or instagram but I do have over 40 years of experience to fall back on.
    Getting stuck in and getting your hands dirty and learning by mistakes is better than any app, IMHO.
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    The thread was resurrected because of a spammer, Hosta  ;)
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    sorry, my own spam filter must be down

  • I have not found any apps but this web site is quite useful with advice related to where you live -
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