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Hello, I am new to this site and I am hoping that someone out there knows more about Orchids than me, I absolutely adore them, but can someone please give me some tips on best place/ideal watering regime/how often they should flower. I did re-pot two of them, I bought Orchid potting, but I wasn't impressed with it, as it appeared to be more bark than anything else, so I re-potted in half compost and half Orchid bark.

I do hope that there is someone out there who can advise me.

Kind Regards

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  • When buying orchids the are always in bark like chippings never compost. They like light but not direct sunlight and not near radiators. When watering don't let them stand in water  and be careful not to get water in the middle of the leaves. You can wipe the leaves now and again with a damp cloth.

    There is a thread on here about care of orchids I will bump it up for you.  image

    Or try this

    Hope this helps

  • Agree with stargaze.

    All my phalaenopsis orchids are in bark chipping and also in transparent pots, as the roots are also able to photosynthesise, so that way they get some light.

    They hate being stood in water and, if in compost additionally, can rot very quickly.

    To water mine, I stand them in a sink filled with an inch or so of water, for an hour. They absorb the water they need up from the base, which means their growing medium isn't saturated.

    They like a light spot, but not direct sunlight or drafts.

    When flowering has finished, I cut the flowering stem back to about 20cm from the base.

    I also feed mine with orchid feed during the spring and summer.

    Enjoy image




  • PS: in the wild, they twine around other plants and have quite far-reaching roots, because they grow on bark of other plants and not in open soil as such. It's best to never cut their roots back, even if they spill over the pot

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    Hi all I am new to this gardening lark but I have moved to a new bungalow with a lovely little garden. So please Can anyone tell me what this plant is called. 

    Thank you 



  •'s one, but not the one I meant, I'll try and find the other.

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