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out door grow light advice veggies

Hi all,

I would like some advice on grow lights. My main reason is that my garden is east facing and does not get a great deal of direct sun light. Also I am going to build tiered planter boxes I.e planter boxes that are directly above each other to make use of space. 

This tiered effect may casr more shade on the veggies.

Does anyone have advice in this field? Is it necessary to have lights on or could I go without? 



  • Hi mike

    Thank you for the detailed reply!

    I guess I was worried my veggies may not get enough daylight but it may be over kill with lights.

    Will see how I get on and feed back on here.
  • Hi, don't worry about your veggies - they'll be find - in the summer the sun is higher in the sky and - they'll get plenty of light.  I've grown veggies in a north-facing back yard in the past image

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  • That's good to know thank u very much. I have never done this before before and I am really really excited! I am making the planters my self and was looking looking at doing a Diy irrigation system. My home already has a water butt and was either going to use a sub water pump in the water butt to pump water around or just do something like this:

    I hopefully want want a number of tiered boxes, but guess the link to the above method would mean watering would not have to be done that often, and cheaper than a pump fed drip feed system?

    Again any any advice appreciated!
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