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Work Trousers

Monty had some great work trousers with a high waist on last night on Gardeners World.  My husband suffers with a bad back and would like to purchase some of these, can you tell me where they came from?


  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 226

    If he suffers with a bad back, he should wear a back protector which i think you can get from a sports shop. Its like a piece of think felt eith velco around it. Sorry don't know where the trousers came from though it could be Scatts.

  • He already wears a back support, but this does not help with moden trousers as these are short in the body and hang off the hips, but thanks anyway

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Try a fishing shop, I recall a friend wearing high waisted trousers for that (no, I don't mean waders, although come to think of it ........), failing that a climbing fell walking shop - lots of good sites on the interweb.

  • Didn't see the programme but Monty often wears "fishtail back" trousers held up with braces. Nice gear, but not cheap. Use google for more info and stockists.

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