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Hi I'm trying to develop the gardens in the school I work for, developing the two courtyards and plentiful but bare flower beds. I want to really get the children inspired about going and learning out side, growing their own plants and veg. Give them more outdoor learning spaces, observation areas for science and art, work and reading areas, creative learning and play spaces. We have the space but not the funds, I'm looking at any recycling, make it yourself ideas, grants, competitions and give aways. Any ideas are very much appreciated..........I have a wonderful army of 100 children to enthuse


  • Hi Debs,
    Polystyrene and cardboard cups (the kind you sometimes buy take-away coffee and tea in) make great little plant pots when washed and a hole punched in the bottom with a pencil. The plastic trays that supermarkets sell some of their veg in make good seed trays, again with holes punched in the bottom.  Plastic pop bottles can be used as mini cloches, watering devices and lacewing hotels (check online for ideas).  You could sign yourself up to your local freecycle as there's generally lots of garden-related give-aways such as pots, plants, sheds etc. The woodland trust is offering a free native hedgerow collection to schools this year if you have the space.  You could also google The Big Wildlife Garden for ideas and try getting in touch with the education officer at your local Wildlife Trust and look at the RHS website as this year there are lots of events taking place during Gardening Week.
    Hope this helps image


  • Debs3Debs3 Posts: 2

    Thankyou there are some really great ideas that I will try and I have already started on a few of the others. Thank you again. All advice is very welcome!!!

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