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Talkback: How to prune roses

Help! My roses are still in bloom, it's been so mild and they are under a glass roofed porch. Do I still prune, or should I hang fire until they stop blooming?

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  • I Have got 6 rose plnts comming (bear root)
    I want to plant them in pots what do i buy to plant them (compost or somthing eles)
  • HELP

    I have a patio / carpet rose, flowering carpet series - pink princess.

    it grows wonderfully and still flowers at christmas.... it has grown BIG... 4ft tall and 6ft across.

    we've just had a tree felled and it broke a lot of the rose... HOW can I prune it to reduce its size drastically.... its the end of may 2012.
  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Wait until its first flush of flowers is over, about July. Then prune it back to 6" below whatever height you want, always pruning to an outward-facing bud. You will inevitably lose some flowers, but it will soon produce more.

  • My climbing rose lost a lot this winter but survived. However, now I see some branches are dying back. Should I cut them right back to stop it going even further? It's just starting to bloom on other branches, so it's not a good time to prune... thanks for any advice.

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Karen, cut back the branches that are dying back to a healthy out growing bud or take it right back to the base. At the same time take out any ingrowing thin branches to give the plant air in the centre.
    This will not cause any problems with the flowering and it is better to get rid of any disease that could cause further trouble.


  • Kevin Eastment wrote (see)
    I Have got 6 rose plnts comming (bear root) I want to plant them in pots what do i buy to plant them (compost or somthing eles)


    John Innes No2 compost, Karen.

  • Thanks for the feedback Frank. David, unfortunately I'm not in the UK, don't know how to find John Innes of any variety.


  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    Garden centre, DIY store,

  • I suggest looking where you bought the roses from,,make sure the pots are big enough, ensure that the drainage is good eg polystyrene or broken pots place over hole in bottom of pot,if you have garden soil, mix in some grit,home made compost and feed mix well.
  • When do I prune a climbing rose that is growing over a porch. Is it best to wait until the Spring

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