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Last year my lemon tree was pushed against the window and suffered frost damage.  I thought it was lost and cut it right back prior to throwing it out but low and behold it sprouted.  Now its three to four fet tall with large healthy leaved but they have a smaller lobe at the base of each leaf rather like a uneven figure 8.  Its also developed large inch long spiked on the branches.  Is this normal or have I saved a mutation of some kind?


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    Citrus trees are very spiky, Astrid.  If the leaves re bigger than those of your original plant perhaps it was a grafted tree and you have now got the root stock it was grafted on to,  You will find out if it fruits.  Perhaps the fruit will be more like agrapefruit.  Sounds exciting, but do watch out for those spikes.  Wear stout gloves if you have to weed it.

  • thanks very much for the information.  At least I havent killed it completely.  It was my son's tree but when he went to live in Canada I got custody.  I hope it gets some fruit on again. As big as a grapefruit?  I'll need a bigger glass for the G and T.  Thanks again.

  • I have a lemon tree keep it over winter in heated greenhouse it has 8 lemond on will they all ripen? At the moment they are green  but the correct size

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    Here is a picture of the"giant lemon" on the citrus tree in the warm temperate house of the Bristol Bot. Garden at the moment and one showing it compared to ordinary lemon size, Astrid.  Exdinnerrita, your lemons should ripen now the days are getting warmer.


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    OOPs, one picture missing.  I will try again.

  • Thanks for that Happymarion

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    My lemon tree (Australia)  has some fruit but they dont get big and they rarely turn yellow, just small green fruit,  I also had that hige growth of spikes with round yellow things, not lemons, strange round puffy looking things, I have all but sawn if off to about a foot high,  in my area lemons grow like wild fire and have tons of lemons, not so with my  tree. Any suggestions ?  imageimage

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    Astrid, my 30+ year old  tree from an uncertain citrus pip has some of those double-lobed leaves and had always been extrememly spiky. It's never flowered but that's probably because it lives outdoors all year round in a very sheltered but not very sunny spot in my East Dorset garden.

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    My lemon Plan I have had for two years now, when I bought it, it had several flowers and a couple of lemons already on it.  It grew very well and I took the advice of the gardener where I bought it and at the end of the growing season I gave it a light prune.  It continued to grow very well and in the new season had plenty of leaf growth but no flowers so of course no fruit.  I was quite disappointed, but continued to care for it as was on the label that came with it.  Last November time it started to drop its leaves and then I noticed that there was a sort of web inside the leaves that had dropped and they were all curling up.  At the garden centre I was advised to prune it back hard, and told it should pick up again.  It has started to sprout leaves again but some of them are double leaves.  It is a small leaf at the bottom then a large leaf coming out from that.  I did take a photo but unfortunately I have not been clever enough to put it on here.  Can you give me any advice on this, and is it likely that it will grow back normal again?  More to the point will it ever bear fruit again?  Thank you, Jennie.

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