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I am thinking about starting a guerrilla growing campaign in my local city. I want to fill unused soil banks/ pots/ weed ravaged corners/ hedgerows etc. with fruit and veg for the community. I think that more people growing their own food is something that we need to do as a country, and we have the space! I am having some problems deciding on the type of plants to use though. 

I want to do long term grows in my local town, which is quite rural, and will be establishing gooseberry/ raspberry bushes in the hedgerows. I have no experience with planting either of these fruits, but I think that once established they do quite well in English countryside.

I'm also planning on doing shorter term grows in cities. I want to plant fruit/veg that can be picked, is easily identifiable and will fruit quickly once planted. I am prepared to incubate and grow the plants until they are at this stage at home before transplanting them. My problem is that I don't know which veg/ fruit to plant. I've only ever grown carrots, leeks, potatoes and beets. I was thinking maybe of tomatoes/ strawberries/ lentils/ quinoa since they can all be picked above ground and should be fairly apparent to most people what they are. Does anyone have any suggestions for better crops to grow?





  • Edd........you don't say whereabouts you are so I would think quite a bit would depend on your situation.

    There are quite a few Guerilla Gardeners - might be worth looking on the web for info and advice. Also maybe your local council ; Parks and Gardens Dept ; wildlife trusts etc may be a good way to start. 

    It's a great idea and seems to have worked well in various places.

    Just as a caution........I wouldn't automatically assume that people would know what some of your intended plants are...........I don't know that I would actually recognise lentils or quinoaimage

    I really wish you well with this.............let us know how you get on image

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,122

    Edd great idea/plan, growing fruit is just as simple as the veg you have grown.

    It may be worth joining green plant swap link below, maybe contact the seed companies for donations.

    Getting the council on board would be an advantage as phillipa has suggested.

    There are guides in the How to sections on here for further advice.


    Good luck

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