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Too early to chit?

Hello there. We have our first allotment now and are getting ready to start sowing etc. We collected our first and second earlies and main crop potatoes yesterday. I am going to chit them but wondered whether it was too soon yet? I know we've had a very mild winter so far but I half expect a cold snap and am also wondering if they will be too far advanced for planting out if I start them now. How long do they need? If it is too soon where should I store them? The shed is pretty damp, we have no loft but limited space in a cupboard built above the eaves.

Also, should I chit them in a cooler place or a warm one?  I have a sunny south facing warm windowsill and a much cooler north facing one that has less space. I have no greenhouse other than a little acacia one that currently has a slight issue with mouldy growth where two of the overwintering chocolate cosmos have succumbed (lack of ventilation I guess, am new to having any kind of growhouse!). I have a lot of potatoes to chit but not much room.

I am in the West Midlands. Any thoughts appreciated!




  • Just another thought, I know egg boxes are useful but I have not enough yet. Do the potatoes need to be not touching? 


  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Concentrate on chitting your earlies as maincrop do not need it.  chit with blunt end upwards.  they can support one another in a seed tray.  Cool unheated spare room with plenty of light but not in direct sun.  I have chitted Charlotte for Mr. Fothergill's Nation of Gardeners Trial and aim at planting five in a potato planter on St. Valentines day.

  • I started chitting at the beginning of feb. You should give them 6 weeks before planting out. And like happymarion said, mine are on a north facing windowsill in the unheated spare room.  I use egg boxes but as long as they are standing on their end so the end with most eyes are uppermost, I don't think it matters if they are touching.

  • Well my earlies are chiting now in egg boxes, so they will be ready for planting early to mid March, depending on the weather. My second earlies will be obtained soon and then set out when I have enough boxes. They are placed in a spare room away from direct light.  It is always a problem to find room, so my boxes are placed on plastic trays that are used for wellies/boots normally. I would chit them as you acquire enough boxes/room.

  • Thank you everyone. Very helpful and informative as always. I had heard recently about not needing to chit main crops , I think on GQT. Good to hear that again image

  • Hi Pipstrelle, chitting is not compulsory by any means, but as you already have them, then doing so under the conditions mentioned above will only help.  What you don't want to do is leave them in the bag anywhere warm as they will produce long white shoots and may even rot, so chitting is also a good way of keeping them healthy until planting time.

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  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 8,462

    I have just put my potatoes out for chitting , in egg boxes that we'd have been savings but trays would do , on the floor of our conservatory which is north facing so does not get to hot but is frost free , I put them all out earlies / mains 

    better if you can chit your mainsimage

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    First earlies, Pentland Javelin & Vales Emerald now in egg boxes chitting in conservatory. Am considering getting some 2nd earlies so I will have enough to give to family as I think there will be a big problem with potato production this year.

  • MrsT 12MrsT 12 Posts: 77

    Is it too late for me to chit my salad seed potatoes? I have only just received my order!

    I didn't chit my Vivaldi (maincrop) last year - which was my first year growing potatoes -  and they were lovely, but this year I have ordered International Kidney too and wondered if I should chit before planting out later this month?

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.


  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    I've a question. I put my potatos (brought from Wilkinson) to chit in the pantry about 3 - 4 weeks ago and they don't seem to have grown any bigger roots or anything much at all. Does this mean they wont grow?

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