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White broom/cytisus albus dying

this is the 2nd young shrub that is dying in my border.  it may be a bit too exposed to wind (we had a very cold winter, although it came through the previous winter well).  it takes a long time to die back, starting from the outer parts, and i was wondering if there is anything i can do to save it?  is is a good idea to cut off all the dead branches, back to living living branches?  or is it just going to die anyway?  the same question applies to roses - a couple of them seem to by dying slowly from the outer tips.  i feel so sad to see them go.  


  • Sue 2Sue 2 Posts: 19

    Yes cut back dead bits, check soils not too wet/dry.  Maybe even dig them up & move to a different spot or even into pots. sorry cant think of anything else. 

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