I have a Kilmarnock Willow tree and would like some advice on when I should prune it and how to prune it. 


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    After it's finished with it's catkins and flowers Caffeine Addict. 

    Some people just cut every branch back to the same point, but it can look a bit like a rather unattractive umbrella. You can prune each branch in a more random way instead, to get a more natural look, and I personally think they look best if you don't take too much off. Hope that helps image

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  • Thanks for the advice Fairygirl, I will try pruning to give it a natural look.image

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    At the risk of upsetting people, I would prune it with a spade - dig it up and bin it.  Desperately dull little trees with a short life span and no redeeming features.  I was given one and was only two pleased when it turned up its toes one very hard winter.

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,652

    Which lasts about 10 minutes and then it's ugly for 11 months and 4 weeks.

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