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I've recently move to a house with a large garden and not quite sure where to start.  There are 2 old greenhouses and 3 shed that are broken and over grow with ivy should I try to fix or get rid and start with new, any advise welcome.


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    Mary13 Hello.image

    As Edd has said take your time. You need to see what grows in your garden for the first year, okay do some weeding, and lots of planning. Decide what plants you really love and will grow in your conditions and aspect. People on the forum will help with ideas and information. If you have greenhouses & sheds, you have bought a gardener's garden, all sorts of lovely things might appear.

    I would also look at the sheds & Greenhouses as the first job. Hopefully the GH's can be repaired. The sheds if not repairable might have other uses.

    We all love to have a shed, and you'll need somewhere to store tools, and stuff. I think one of the forum members, some time ago, left and old shed where it was and adapted it into an arbour. Maybe you could use one, if reasonably sound to grow climbing plants over. If you grow veg you might need planks to walk on so as not to compress your soil.

    We have laid flags in front of our shed, to provide extra seating space and somewhere to put the ever increasing number of plants in pots. On nice but windy days I open the shed door and use it as a windbreak.

    It would be good as Edd also said if you can post some pictures, if not please let us know what you discover and how you get on.

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    Thank you both for you useful replies Edd and Kef we've started some pruning and I will post some pictures soon, I think I was feeling very overwelded with everything outside.  Today my husband cleared out the potting shed and even though we have the window tape back in place with duck tap at least it's nearly water tight.

    Maybe we will get a couple of dry days soon and I'll clean the greenhouse and take the moss off it and the frame maybe able to be kept but there are lots of broken pieces  of glass, would it be better to replace them all with safety glass or acrylic glass.

    One shed already resembles an arbour with a big climber all over it and ivy inside so maybe that a way to go.image






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    Hello Mary,

    It's a good time to move to a new garden as you will have a month or so to do the sorting out before things start to grow.  Good luck and have fun.image

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