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Privet Hedge leaves brown and dry

Hi All,

I'm relatively new to gardening, but have noticed my 2m high privet hedge between me and the neighbour looks dead half way along. The rest of the hedge now has health new shoots coming but about 3/4 roots in the middle look very dry and have hardly any leaves. The leaves that are left are brown and crispy. 

What should I do? Do I need to replace this section of can I revive my hedge?


  • I had similar problem once, brown and crispy means unlikely to come alive!! we cut back to a new bud/leaf joint, sadly kept dying until we then removed all the plant. We read up and discovered probable cause was a known dieback of some old privet and therefore removed 20 feet of 20 year old hedge. Good luck!

  • Fish2Fish2 Posts: 11

    Sorry, I can't help but I too have a problem with unhappy bits on a hedge of the same size & would be interested in any advice on growing it to a more healthy state.

    I have aerated the ground at the base & scattered chicken fertiliser granules.

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