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  • MiliMili Posts: 4
    Great video, one of the best.
  • abedoabedo Posts: 1
    Re mintymo's problem with the viewing of video content from BBC.

    Upgrade to the latest version of adobe flashplayer (right click the video and select about adobe flashplayer). Should be version 10

    If you still can't view the video right click the video again and select global settings. On the displayed page click "Global Storage Settings panel" on the right hand menu. On the setting panel click the second tab and place a check mark in the second checkbox (Allow third party content...)
  • Can basil and other herbs be grown inside on the windowsill in the winter months?
  • I will be growing lots of this in my greenhouse next year. Thanks for a great video.
  • Loved it. Thanks
  • SAM194SAM194 Posts: 1
    so we dont need to water it till it actually come out?
  • Excitable BoyExcitable Boy Posts: 165
    Eddie Craig wrote (see)
    Can basil and other herbs be grown inside on the windowsill in the winter months?

    In theory, yes. In practice this is very difficult for mediterranean herbs like basil. I think this is because they require light as well as heat and, of course, you don't tend to get that inside in winter in the UK.

  • Paul NPaul N Bearsted, KentPosts: 300
    Step 1. Spray the water onto the compost using a fine spray on the watering can.

    Step 2. Use a small circular piece of plywood to level the surface and not leave it like the surface of the moon.

    Step 3. After sowing, use a small sieve to finally cover the seeds, or use vermiculite.

    I don't know, these young people ;-)
  • gardener2gardener2 Posts: 1
    If you let yourself run short of basil, or parsley, supermarkets sell pots of these herbs which can be put straight into a bigger pot and they grow much larger and much more quickly than from seed. It is also possible to gently separate the plants and grow them individually.
  • moe2moe2 Posts: 5
    I grew quite a few herbs this year which ones can I take cutting from for next year I have basil, thyme chives Parsley, rosemary oraganio corriander an mint.
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