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Talkback: How to grow basil from seed

thanx very much


  • Brilliant, step by step for us beginners. Thanks
  • Brilliant! I've germinated 6 varieties and they're all doing well. Thank you.
  • I'm pretty much a COMPLETE beginner with gardening, and I think this is a brilliant guide. I've just planted my basil, with plans to do parsley in the same way if this goes well.
  • when do i start to prick out the leaves to bush up my basil plants, as they tend to grow talk and spindly?
  • Very helpful as I have brought today both Basil and Coriander seeds and will be heading to the greenhouse tomorrow to plant the seeds with the help of my three year old budding gardner grandaughter. Just one question though how do I make the plants bush out?
  • cagneybuff rates this excellent video for novice would like to
    have seen care during growing period.
  • As with everything Joe does, detailed enough for the beginner but not patronising to the more experienced. MORE JOE ON GW PLEASE!
  • i've been looking for this type of info for quite a long time; great post having in mind the beginners me...who really have no clues ...
  • Hi, could someone help me i dont get much sunlight in my windowsill and i am wondering will my basil still germinate??
  • Please help me somebody! I've been trying for 2 months to view the video's but am having no luck. The BBC are no help, I've emailed them twice as they've told me to do but that was five weeks ago - still no reply! I've downloaded and removed Adobe 6 times, what am I doing wrong - please help?
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