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Blank Canvas!

Hi everyone,

I'm an ambitious novice & have just built a raised bed/trough 180cm wide, 40cm deep, 50cm high. My plans are a clematis to go up my garage/shed wall iris & daffs for the spring & some kale (year round) & garlic. My question is will all of the above be compatible with each other?

Thanks in Advance



  • Hi Daryl image

    I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't grow these in the same bed, treating it as a sort of potager.  Which way does the wall face? What variety of clematis are you thinking of?

    My concern would be for the roots of the clematis, as there'll obviously be some harvesting and replanting of kale and garlic etc don't plant them too close to the clematis to avoid disturbing it's roots.  

    Have you thought of growing the Italian kale, Cavolo Nero?  It's absolutely delicious and looks much more attractive (I think) than the usual curly kale so would suit your potager style of gardening


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  • Thanks Dovefromabove,

    It's a south west facing mid terrace back yard, the wall is north east facing. I've already planted the clematis (Warsaw Nike), I took advantage of the offer on here a month or 2 ago, it's my first attempt at veg growing & I thought I'd keep it simple image with dwarf curly kale. If all goes well I may well try some other varieties. The kale will be going the opposite end to the clematis so theoretically the roots should be ok.

    Thanks again


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,753

    Hi Daryl. You might also want to put in some summer flowering perennials where you have the bulbs so that you don't have an empty space when they finish, and it will provide some shade for the clematis roots. There are lots of things you could choose for a nice sunny bed. I'm assuming you don't have your veg covering that area by then of course. image

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  • Thanks Fairygirl,

    I wanted to make sure that the bulbs or clematis wouldn't mean the kale became unfit for scrummy consumption. I'll be planting poppies (if they germinate!) & some other summer colour, I'm not sure what else yet. The world as they say is my slimy shellfish!

    Any suggestions are more than welcome!


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