My pieris plants are looking fantastic ,but i dont know when to feed them or my camellias wich again are looking good,cheers   !


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    Tony I wonder the same thing about feeding Pieris.  One of my Forest Flame has produced white umbels this year for the first time.  I had to transplant it into this garden a couple of years ago and the first year no umbels and it took a while to adjust to it's new position.  Early this year I mulched with leafmould for the first time and I'm not sure if this contributed to it producing the white flowers for the first time.  Maybe it just finally adjusted to being where it was transplanted.  Would be good to know about feeding.  I've always been too scared to feed it in case I gave it something it didn't like!

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    Both Pieris and Camellias need ericaeous (acid)food. You can find it on the shelves of most DIY/GC branches called - Rhododendron/Azaelea food. Follow the instructions on the packet. I usually feed after the plant has flowered and then again in autumn when the plants are making their buds for next year's flowers. It is particularly important for Camellias not to dry out in late summer/autumn as they form their flower buds then and will drop them if under stress from lack of water.

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    Hello Daintiness.  Will take your tip on the ericaceous food and when to feed.  Thanks so much for that.

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