choosing and growing honeyberry

I am hoping to plant some honeyberry this year. I have heard that more than one bush are needed to ensure good cropping. I have been advised by some that the bushes can be of the same variety. I have also been advised by others that they need to be of different varieties. Could anyone offer their own experience regarding this? I am also aware that there are some newer varieties developed in Canada, but am having difficulty sourcing them in the UK. Do anyone have any information about getting these in the UK? Also how is the best way to support the stems of honeyberry bushes? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    got to go will get back later. See L.c. kamchatika (sp?), L.c. Duet etc. Note - not self fertile so will need two different varieties. Shouldn't need support as shrubby not climbers. Larch cottage have a selection plus others. You'll need to choose your varieties based on your needs, taste, vitamin content etc.

  • Never heard of honeyberry - what's the scientific name?

  • Found it - it's a Lonicera (honeysuckle) - should have guessed!

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    I notice Parkers are offering it, among others. So do your research first.  Remember how they enhance the photos in the catalogue.

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    I have two of these I bought 2 years ago and 3 I bought last year to hopefully assist pollination.  The first two flowered last spring but didn't set fruit so I have fingers crossed for this year - I'm also going to hand-pollinate as this is recommended by the RHS.  They are fairly slow growing and apparently take about 3 years to get fully established.  Good job I'm patient! image  

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