Fig trees

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Hello everybody , last year I asked advice about Fig trees , well yesterday I bought one , I intend to plant it on my allotment , south facing against a water cube , with wind break netting , I have got some slabs to line the planting hole

Any more advice would be appreciated ?



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    Thanks for the advice , yes it is Brown Turkey

    Looking forward already to eating my figs also makes a really nice chutney which goes well with a bit of mature cheddar 

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    I also have only seen them against walls , so this is definitely an experiment

    My thinking is these water cubes hold 1000 litres and last summer I noticed after a few sunny days the water was Luke warm , so I'm hoping that it will have the same effect as a wall but there is only one way to find out 

    I'll keep you posted - regardsimage


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    I don't know what the water cube is made of but the use of a specialist black paint might help.  The water would absorb more heat from the sun (always supposing we get some that is image ) and give the tree some extra warmth ?

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    The cubes are made of plastic , within a metal cage

    Your idea is worth thinking about , many thanks for the suggestion image

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    ours is against west wall,sheltered,inherited so unsure of variety,last 2 years had plenty of friut, am planning to prune a bit harder this year though,it's taking over

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