large acer tree near to the house

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We have recently bought a tree called an acer negundo flamingo, we bought it because it is a small tree (around 2m now) and we have planted it in our small front garden. The only thing is I'm now a bit concerned that it might be too close to the house, it is 1metre away and although it is a very young tree and only approx 4inches wide around the trunk and about 2metres tall it is fast growing. Does anyone have any experience of this or know if this is too close to the house? Thanks. 


  • davids10davids10 Posts: 895

    acer flamingo is a lovely small tree though unfortunately prone to aphids. it will  quickly outgrow the space you have given it. i would put it no closer than 3 meters and even then it might be too close. here in reno i have seen it 6 meters by 5. good luck with that, sounds like you need a shrub rather than a tree.

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