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PRHPRH Posts: 1

I have a very large, natural pond in my garden, which is spring fed. It also takes water 'run off'' from the road. I've just had a lot of the old overhanging trees removed and was thinking of making it into a Bog Garden as there is so much silt in it, which has built up over a number of years.

Any suggestions for plants or a good book to help.



  • Hello PRH,

    That sounds like a wonderful idea. There are some great plants that you can use, often referred to as 'marginal plants'. Have a look at Joe Swift choosing marginal plants for a garden pond, or Chris Beardshaw growing marginal plants in a pot.

    Good luck,

    Emma team

  • BaryBary Posts: 8

    I believe you'll success, and good luck to you

  • cant wait for photos...sounds watching my gunnera mannicata growing at the makes a monster of a it, its one of my favs if you have room for it!!

  • burhinusburhinus Posts: 58

    Hi PRH

    Not a native but Lysicitum Americana Skink Cabbage is a cracker.

  • LizRLizR Posts: 8

    Please beware invasive species.  Skunk cabbage I believe is one.  Thousands of pounds are being spent to eradicate this and other like parrot's feather, giant hogweed, Himalayan Balsam amonst others.  RHS has a bookklet called Palntlife - keeping ponds and aqauria without harmful invasive plants.  Do look it up.  I am sure you can google it.

  • LizRLizR Posts: 8

    Sorry for typos.  One should rread Plantlife

  • LokelaniLokelani Posts: 112

    I lost my gunnera, just as well probably! I was determined to fit it in my bog garden but they do become massive. 

    I have some calla lilies that used to flower beautifully, but haven't for a few years, some yellow & blue iris. I did have a dierama, angel's fishing rod but lost that too. 

    The things I have lost are either due to the harsh winters, or due to the hosta taking over a bit. After years of them being eaten by slugs, I managed to grow one as there's so many feet of gravel all around the bog probably. However now the novelty is wearing off, I guess I ought to tame it & let other things have room! 

    There are a lot of lovely plants that thrive in these conditions, but choose carefully.

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