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  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 8,978

    Sounds like a good plan - give it a go and see image  My methods have only come about by trial and error - good luck, and let us know how you get onimage

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  • i usually place another long strip of capillary matting under the main one which runs out one end like a tongue, i run it into a old plastic milk bottle which i fill with water. This tops up the propagator tray as and when required

  • I use a Stewart electric propagator without

    any capillary matting. I just place trays or

    pots on a shallow bed of sand in the base

    of the propagator. Keep lid on to give a

    humid atmosphere then remove it after

    germination of seeds or rooting of cuttings.

    Temperature range 16 - 25 deg C.
  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878

    i have a stewart and have sand on the base mine is supposed to be temp controled but didnt seem to be working so i put a thermomator in and it was 3 deg out so i have to set it accordingly it might be worth checking what temp yous gets to  

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    I'm using a heated propagator brought from Aldi. It doesn't have a capillary mat nor does it suggest putting sand in the bottom - could someone tell me if its a good idea to use sand in the base? Does it help control the heat / moisture in anyway that would be of benefit?

  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878

    i think the idea of sand is to create an even distrbution of bottom heat and also the sand takes up the condensation and keeps the air round the cuttings and seeds moist, i have never used mine without sand do you get a pool of water in the bottom ?

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Ann. I have been very sparse with my watering because I didn't want to create a damp problem so there isn't any water gathering - although the lid is always cover in condensation. The soils felt damp to touch when I initially planted the seeds so I didn't water them straight away. Do you think I'd be better off putting sand in?

  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878

    i have always used sand but i have just looked at the instruction booklet and it says nothing about this and it didnt come with capillery matting so how i came to do this i cant remember so this is my method and im sure ther will be somebody else with a differant one very soon

    i put dry sand in the bottom and turn it on the day before i want to use it so that its all ready warmed through, i water my seed trays from the bottom after sowing the seeds and dont water again the condensation will wet the sand, when the seeds have germinated i take them out and put them in the green house with a clear lid for a day or two and then uncover them during the day untill i think they are hardened enough to not need a cover, i hope this makes sense 

  • Jimbo83Jimbo83 Posts: 15

    Clarington - I have the Aldi propagator as well. I just put the trays of seeds in there with the vents closed and it works a treat. I haven't done anything else and I'm getting tons of germination going on!

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