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I'm looking for another climbing rose for my pergola. Ideally looking for a red rose that is scented and repeat flowering if poss with no problems.  The rose would be sited in full sun and the soil tend to be a bit on the heavy/clay side.  Can anyone recommend one?  I currently have 5 other roses on my pergola and one of them is Etoile de Hollande.


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,366

    I just bought a red climbing rose from the 99p shop the other day. Its in good condition cause they only just got them in. i am not sure its everything your after but worth a look

    Rosa paul's scarlet 

  • thank you - i've heard of Paul's Scarlet - it looks a good rose but i don't think it has any scent. It's definately a possible if i can't find one that has some scent as well.

    My daughter-in law has bought roses from the pound shop before and done very well with them.

  • thank you for yr response.  Have just been looking up Alec's Red climber - seems to meet the scent criteria - has a strong scent. Not sure about the height as it said it was approx. 200cm so not sure that its quite tall enough for what i want.

    Where do u grow your rose?

    I've also come across Allen Chandler Rose - is anyone growing this one?

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    This one sounds lovely, strong scent and very vigourous!


  • Hybridtea said that she is already growing Etoile de Hollande on her pergola. 

    New Dawn Red would suit well, as would Danse de Sylphes, both are climbers with red blooms, are scented and repeat flowering and will cope well in your situation. The site linked to below also has a very good search facility image .


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  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Ooops, I stand corrected!image

  • Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

    Mike what a lovely idea to have a memorial garden for your late wife.  Some roses can be certainly tricky to grow and i have had roses from well named suppliers and still had them give up on me.

    Thank you to Dove from above - i never knew there was a New Dawn Red.  We used to have New Dawn in our garden growing up a fence it did very well for a number of years and then just decided to pack up for no reason at all. A complete mystery.  Having looked up at the climbing roses recommended : Alec's Red, New Dawn Red (Danse des Sylphes appears to be a little less fragrant) and i found Allen chandler i may be close to ordering this weekend.

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    I think Allen Chandler looks stunning - good colour, repeat flowering, perfume and open flowers for insect access.  It seems all the other good ones only flower once.

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  • Ooooh yes, Allen Chandler looks gorgeous - love that golden boss of stamens, and good hips too (there's a lot to be said for good hips imageimage)

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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