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Hi guys I am looking to buy my first greenhouse. The spot I have is not in full sun all day. Would be a small greenhouse. 6ft by 4ft perhaps. Does anyone have recommendations about good places to order from and also what's best, brick base or a wooden frame with greenhouse screwed onto this??


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    A brick or slabbed base would be best. A wooden base would rot.

     I would recommend you get the biggest greenhouse you have space for. I have had a Robinsons for 25 years and been very satisfied. Glass and aluminium need less maintenance than wood.

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  • I would go for aluminium on a good brick or slab base.Go for biggest you can given space and budget, also consider polycarbonate instead of glass if there are children around as much safer, also good if you are on a windy site as easier to replace . I have used Two West & Elliott for greenhouse things and found them very good.

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    you can have this one if you'd like.....


     This is how I found mine on Wednesday morning. I've been getting quotes for the insurance company ever since. 

    If you look closely ,you'll see where some glass punctured the skin of my 2 month old polytunnel. I'm not a Happy Gardener.

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    I would not get polycarbonate unless you like chasing panels around your neighbourhood.  If you have kids get safety glass, if it breaks it goes into chunks like windshield glass.  This is from the man that came to fit our greenhouse and we have a 20 month old.

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    Hostafan1, hope insurance delivers. image You must be gutted.

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    Must add I would always go for glass I'm also in an exposed area and weight of glass helps secure the GH. Plus as Fidget said get the biggest you can afford / accomodate you will soon fill it.

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    thanks KEF, "Gutted", does about cover it.

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    Safety glass is more expensive but well worth it in the long run. Larger panes of glass makes for easier cleaning and no flyaway or opaqueness.
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    Only just caught up with this thread - what a nightmare Hostafan.  Was there much in it ?  Hope the insurance delivers, but what a hassle.  Think i would shed tears if anything happened to my GH.

    john Mc - my Gh only gets sun for half the day at the moment.  I can grow most things, although tomatoes take an age to ripen.  We are moving ours to a sunny spot later this year as part of a bigger garden redesign

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  • Thanks for all your feedback! Hostafan I think I will give your greenhouse a miss thanks!! I do hope the insurance company covers the cost of it
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    John, if whatever you choose has an optional aluminium base, I strongly suggest you spend the extra to get it.  They add a lot of rigidity which helps prevent the frame warping over time if the ground/paving/brick below settles which is a big cause of cracked panes.  I'd also go for the safety glass, especially if you have very young or old folk about, or if you might ever decide to move it in the future.  Horticultural glass is a nightmare to remove after a few years as it becomes brittle and panes often break into large and extremely sharp pieces. 

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    Oh no hostafan image Poor you, hope you get it sorted soon and you can get the poly tunnel sorted too.

    John, I have just bought a new greenhouse after waiting several years and making do with a very old and scary one! It isn't up yet as weather hasn't even allowed me to take my old one down (Sod's law isn't it that hostafan loses theirs and I want my to come down and it won't!!).

    I bought it from The Greenhouse People after lots of research, they seemed to be the best value for money and the service was fantastic. I can't comment on the greenhouse itself yet with it not being up. My best friend also ordered her new one from them and told me the service was fantastic, very quick to send out a part that was missing and also replace a part that was broken in error - free of charge.

    Happy greenhouse shopping image
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    Ps also agree with the safety glass comments, my new one has safety glass.
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    Thanks for the messages of sympathy / support. Mercifully , I'd moved most of the contents into the polytunnel, but I had hoped to use it as a " potting shed" as we get so much wind in North Devon, it's not always possible to sow in the tunnel as it has netting around the base and it gets a bit breezy at times. 

    Tracey- Newbie, I was chatting to the greenhouse people just yesterday afternoon for a quote. 

    I'll post any progress re insurance / new greenhouse ( about which I'm not becoming quite excited )

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    Another vote from me for The Greenhouse People
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    Go for safety glass! And the biggest that you can afford.image

  • Glad to hear the recommendations for The Greenhouse People as I recently ordered a greenhouse from them as the prices seem very good. I was a little miffed that the offer which supposedly expired on a date in January actually just continued and now has a different end date though!


    Why not build your own, much cheaper and you get exactly what you want.

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    Its worth going to a greenhouse showroom to try some out. OH decided high eaves greenhouse one was best and slightly bigger size than originally specd to get the most growing space. Myself and OH got an ex display greenhouse in the end at a reasonable price. The greenhouse itself has safety glass in it and is on a paving slab base.

  • Sorry to see pic of demolished green house.   I am very excited as I am about to have my first!    Will anything grow in it is my worry. It will go on an East facing bungalow garage gable wall, with an oak tree to the south. It will get more light in winter when there are no leaves on the tree, but never get any sun.   This is our only option on our plot, it's here or nothing.    Am I wasting money?  I am thinking of a Halls lean to, 10 x6, the largest that will fit. Any suggestions or comments?

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