How to prune a Lawson's Cypress

AJ2AJ2 Posts: 1

I would appreciate if someone could advise on how I may prune the Lawsonia seen here -

I would like to reduce by half but also wonder if I could strip outer layers to them it down. 

Ideally I want to move one a few feet away but wonder if the tree will survive transplanting? 




  • the picture doesnt work for me but from my experience with conifers if you cut back to wood it will not regrow

  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 949

    Fieldfest, If you click on "seen here" the photo will came up.

    AJ2, I agree with fieldfest's advice. You can trim it over lightly and it will regrow but if you cut into the old wood(that with brown leaves or further in) the tree will not regrow - remaining brown and unattractive. You can  lower its height and the tree will regrow at the top from the surrounding branches (green wood).

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