Bluebells, Bluebells!!!

I live near the coast with a garden that has a large section of Sycamore trees. Underneath this I have thousands and thousands of bluebells. When these finish the nettle and borage takes over- a great haven for insect life. I love the bluebells and don't want to tame the area too much but want to establish some all year round ground cover. Does anyone have suggestions for plants that can live happily with the huge bluebell population which is dominant at this time of year?


  • Hello April. It sounds like the area is pretty perfect as it is. What about adding some wild garlic, which traditionally grows with bluebells, and will provide ground cover from early spring to autumn.


  • Hi Kate,

    Thank you for your reply. This is just the sort of info I need. I want to keep it as natural as possible but just need something to replace the bluebells when they die down.

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