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Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)


Bought this Star Jasmine 2011 from garden centre.  Is planted in soil PH 6-7. North-facing light shaded corner but small garden surrounded by high flats so well sheltered and in late spring and summer gets warmth from mid-day to late afternoon.  Put on good growth last year (I think? - was only 1 foot high when bought) but since September leaves have had these yellow markings.  Thinking it was nutrient prob. in last week's warm weather  I  forked in fish, blood and bone and watered well.  Perhaps this wasn't the right thing to try.   Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong with this and if/how I can help this plant along this spring?  Many thanks for any advice.



  • Anne33Anne33 Posts: 2

    Can't give you any advice, but I also bought on eof these last year and am now having similar problems. Planted in  asunny, well drained spot, the plant settled in well with lots of new growth, but this Spring the leaves are turning yellow and brown and dropping off, and I can't understand why. I've watered and fed but to no avail

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Are they only the old leaves that are yellowing and dropping, or is it all of them? And do you have healthy new shoots?

    I'd usually consider this to be normal leaf drop in that evergreens do lose their leaves in spring, but it doesn't look quite right for that.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I think these are fab and was going to buy one the other day, but I'd not done all my research, so didn't bother as it was quite expense.

    I think your right to apply a balanced feed, they do like their food. There are also a bit tender in coldish climates and can at times loose leaves and turn yellow, if exposed, so perfectly normal.

    Something to consider - Have you checked the root ball, you say you bought it last year. Gently check to see if it has took, is there plenty of new roots for example or, is the ground to wet, they do like plenty of drainage. They can be susceptile to Phytophthora root rot.

    Symtoms of Phytophthora root rot above ground are wilting, yellow or sparse foliage and branch dieback. Below ground, poor root system.

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Another thought that I had is a trace element deficiency?

  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    Annie M2:   How is your Star Jasmine?  Did it do ok?  Mine suddenly burst into growth with a lot of new bright green foliage a couple of weeks ago.  The leaves in various places are a range of different colours but because of the new growth I'm leaving it be and waiting to see if it flowers at all in the not too distant future.

  • There's another thread about this from about a fortnight or three weeks ago. I have also had a similar experience with one bought last year and had wondered about a deficiency of iron or magnesium, but I think the root rot idea is very likely to be correct in this cold, wet summer. We've had quite a lot of windy, stormy weather here in Wales and so there could be an element of wind damage, too. My trachelospermum jasminoides is in flower, but hasn't grown and doesn't look as though it is thriving.

  • I might add that my trachelospermum asiaticum, also bought last year, is doing even worse, although it is in a sheltered spot near a wall in sun (or it would be if we had more sun). It is alive, not thriving, not growing, not flowering. I'm wondering whether to put it in a pot (better drainage) and overwinter it indoors. I'd prefer it to remain where it is because I want to clothe the pillars of a pergola, preferably with evergrreens, and because it is not large enough to undermine the boundary wall or trouble the neighbours. Perhaps I ought to start a separate thread about this.

  • Gareth99Gareth99 Posts: 37

    Same for me in south Wales. After some early promise (strong green leaves, lovely flowers) my plants just seemed to stop growing and the leaves turned a pale yellow. That said, I sense a subtle improvement over the last 3 days since the weather has improved. Perhaps the ground has just been too wet? Will monitor over the next week. 

    It's such a nice plant it would be a shame to let it die.

  • I'm also in South Wales, GW. The stormy winds that we have had tore my young standard buddleia to bits and probably damaged the jasmines, too, even though my garden is pretty sheltered.

  • Gareth99Gareth99 Posts: 37

    In fact, none of my climbers have done well this year. It's as though the last 3 months haven't happened. The only things which have grown are my sunflowers (which are very large) and my roses. My apple trees gave me a grand total of one apple.

    I sense things are changing though. Fingers crossed.

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